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Rapid Access Dental 

Rapid Access Medical Tourism offers affordable, quality solutions for all your family’s dental surgery needs. With the support and expertise of a multidisciplinary team of specialists, patients can effectively understand and manage all the challenges they face in getting the dental care they need while improving their smiles.

Every patient wants affordable, quality dental care. Whether you’re seeking simple teeth cleaning or full-blown dental surgery, our clinic in Tijuana offers expert dental care for patients of all needs. When you are sure to get top-notch, cost-effective care, you’ll be able to leave the dentist’s office literally and figuratively with a huge smile on your face.

Dental Veneers


Our price Varies But Compared to the USA and Canada, doing it in Mexico is 40 to 60% Cheaper

Our Dental Veneers are now a minimally invasive procedure for patients suffering from the following conditions:

  • Worn tooth enamel.

  • Uneven tooth alignment

  • Uneven tooth spacing

  • Chipped tooth

  • Cracks

In addition, our Dental Veneers help patients looking to change the overall appearance of their teeth: color, shape, size or length.


With the help of our new dental technologies and medical equipment, all pieces are custom made to cover the patient’s specific needs with top quality materials which offer permanent results.

Smile Makeover

Our price Varies But Compared to the USA and Canada, doing it in Mexico is 40 to 60% Cheaper

Smile Makeover.jpeg

The concept of a smile makeover can mean different things to different people. Referred to by its more technical sounding label — full oral rehabilitation — an even wider range of possibilities might be conjured.

But the essential characteristic of a smile makeover or oral rehabilitation is an upgrade or improvement to the look of a person’s smile — to improve their appearance and give them the increased self-esteem that comes with the feeling they look their best.

Our dental team considers the patient’s facial appearance, along with skin tone, hair color, teeth (color, width, length, shape, and tooth display), gum tissue, and lips, and engages the patient in mutual consultation to develop a design plan for the patient’s ideal smile when creating a smile makeover.

The smile makeover procedure is a customized approach to each patient's smile and dental needs. At our Dental Center in Tijuana, the patients are part of the design process the entire time and provide their final approval on how their new smile will look. The smile makeover process begins with a plan taking into consideration the patient’s facial appearance:

  • Skin tone.

  • Hair Color.

  • Teeth: color, width, length, shape, and display.

  • Gum tissue.

  • Lips.

Implant Anchored Denture

Our price Varies But Compared to the USA and Canada, doing it in Mexico is 40 to 60% Cheaper

Implant Anchored Dentures 2.jpeg
Implant Anchored Dentures _edited.jpg

If you are in a situation where most or all of your teeth need to be replaced, you may want to consider an Implant Anchored Denture at our clinic in MedicalMex. Implant Anchored Dentures combine the coverage of conventional dentures with the security of dental implants.

A full dental plate is attached to the implants using snap-on technology, making the resulting teeth nearly as secure as natural teeth.


The plates are easily removed for cleaning, which also allows you to take good care of your gums. There is no need for adhesives of any kind when wearing an Implant Anchored Denture. You will be able to eat and speak with confidence knowing that your teeth are locked securely into place.

Unlike the cheaper mini implants, which are performed in a day and typically last 3-5 years, your Implant Anchored Dentures will last 20 years, if properly cared for, giving you a lifetime of dental confidence.

The dentures can be secured using 2 or 4 implants. It is usually recommended that the top (maxillary) jaw overdenture is attached to as many implants as possible as the maxillary bone is softer than the lower jaw (mandibular) bone. If 2 implants are used on the top jaw, the upper plate will have a palette plate that goes over the roof of your mouth to add support.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Our price Varies But Compared to the USA and Canada, doing it in Mexico is 40 to 60% Cheaper


Dental crowns and bridges have been among the most widely used devices for cosmetically addressing broken, decayed, damaged, and missing teeth for many years.

At our Dental Center, we host Tijuana’s best dentist and the most advanced dental technology offering top-quality solutions for broken teeth. 

Dental Crowns or Caps are an artificial restoration that fits over the damaged tooth, to strengthen or repair it after a fracture or due to caries. In addition, our dentists used them to improve the size, shape, and color of the patient's teeth. Our new dental software allows us to re-create the patient's mouth condition and create a custom tooth using a 3D printer to fit exactly the patpatient'sients needs.

Dental Bridges, the new inLab MC X5 allows our medical team to create personalized dental bridges using only top-quality materials such as zirconia.

Our Zirconia and Porcelain Crowns are a quality alternative compared to the metal crowns used in most clinics. We want our patients to have a great medical experience, that is why we work with the best dental materials and technologies.

Our dental procedures offer strength and stability, as well as a natural look to the patients’ teeth. In addition, our minimally invasive procedures offer faster recovery and guaranteed perfect results at affordable prices.

Dental Implants

Our price Varies But Compared to the USA and Canada, doing it in Mexico is 40 to 60% Cheaper

Dental Implants .webp

Dental Implants are the most effective alternative treatment compared to dentures and bridges and today, with the new medical advances is a minimally invasive procedure.


Dental implants are prosthetic devices anchored by a screw-like “root” composed of top quality materials, that “fuses” with the jawbone, giving patients with missing teeth a permanent solution that avoids the hassle and inconvenience of dentures and restoring the patient’s ability to eat, speak clearly and smile with ease. At our Dental Center, we believe the ideal solution for replacing a missing tooth is a dental implant.

Types of Dental Implants

  • Individual Dental Implants

When a patient is missing a single tooth we use a 100% titanium root form implant to replace the missing root and therefore the missing tooth, returning the masticatory, phonetic and esthetic functions.

  • Multiple Dental Implants

When a patient is missing multiple teeth it is possible to place several implants the same way as a single tooth replacement.

  • Fixed Bridges on Dental Implants

When a patient has extensive dental loss we can replace several teeth with only a few implants. For example, we can replace four teeth with only two implants, this prosthesis is fixed and can be cemented or screwed offering our patients tooth replacement at a lower cost.

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