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High-Tech Gastric Balloon Program Arrives in Canada after approval from Health Canada.

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Lose 10-15% total body weight in ~16 weeks without surgery, endoscopy, or anesthesia.

is offered In Canada, one of the major providers is Rapid Access Medical with a head office in Calgary, Alberta, and soon expand its coverage thru the rest of Canada we are now booking patients from other provinces.

A swallowable Gastric Balloon has arrived in the prairies after key approval from Health Canada.

The high-tech Gastric Balloon is a capsule that contains the deflated balloon, which you swallow as a pill before it is inflated. The balloon becomes the size of a grapefruit, which takes up space in your stomach, to make you feel full and then deflates itself after four months. It passes naturally through the digestive system.

The procedure also reportedly doesn’t require anesthesia, endoscopy, or surgery to insert the balloon, drastically reducing the entry barriers for millions of potential patients.

The new balloon is trying to improve weight-loss procedures available in Canada where, according to Statistics Canada, more than 7.3 million adults in Canada are categorized as obese.

The Allurion Gastric Balloon is offered by Rapid Access Medical. Dr. Alexander Lukubisa, Chief Medical Director and Allurion Program Certified Physician says, “with this non-invasive technology, we will be able to help many people kickstart and achieve their weight loss goals, including those too high risk to undergo general anesthesia or simply have a fear of endoscopy, all within a 15-minute procedure.”

“The best candidates are those with a BMI of 27 and above, these patients could be eligible for the program”, explains Dr. Lukubisa, a pioneer in the field and with extensive experience. "Sometimes we can see a weight loss of almost 10 BMI points, and that's pretty dramatic, comparable to a sleeve gastrectomy."

Allurion Technologies, the company responsible for developing the balloon, says this is an additional tool to help fight obesity. They call it a “honeymoon from hunger,” where patients can adopt healthy habits and maintain sustained weight loss.

The Allurion Gastric Balloon gives you the power to eliminate cravings and lose weight. This is a game changer: the swallowable gastric pill balloon with a 15-minute appointment.

However, Dr. Lukubisa emphasizes that this procedure is not a magic wand. It is best used in combination with healthy eating and exercise and our support throughout the process so that when the balloon disappears weight regain is prevented.

Rapid Access Medical has begun The Allurion Balloon Placements in early January 2023, with more to follow through March and beyond. We recommend that those who are interested in the program contact us as soon as possible since the phone does not stop ringing, we have an introductory price, financing is available and in some cases, your private insurance covers a certain amount. , Please Register for your free consultation we will leave the link below.

If you like to learn more details about the Allurion Program

please book your complimentary Doctor consultation:

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